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Emily Cocks, Professional Triathlete - Jose's massage therapy has helped me achieve my goals in triathlon. He keeps me healthy physically so I can train and race harder. In addition, because Jose is an accomplished athlete himself he understands what it means to me to be able to train and race effectively. There is no doubt in my mind that he is a big part of my success in triathlon.

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Sam Shenassa - I have a long term shoulder injury that I have rehabbed a couple of  times. However, it is still stiff and sore for extended periods of time.  I went to go see Jose for a clinical massage once a week for a month  and a half. Pairing that with my at-home physical therapy program  definitely made a difference over only doing the exercises and  stretches. I had less pain and stiffness and better movement. Jose has a  healing aura about him. You instantly feel comfortable and taken care  of. Plus, he gave me great tips on hydration and stretching. He also  really knows the technical details about anatomy and physiology as they  pertain to massage. 

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Dayna Raju, Marathoner - After my first marathon in 2012, I found myself with tight muscles,  intense pain in my right leg and was unable to run. Despite convincing  myself I had a torn muscle or ligament, Jose assured me it was simply  twisted muscle fibers that could be worked out through intense massage  therapy. I saw him on a regularly basis and his techniques allowed me  full recovery from my injury. Through his therapy, Jose got me back in  running condition and gave me exercises to do on my own to keep me  healthy. I saw him each week while training for my next marathon and am  happy to say remained injury free throughout the entire process. Jose  pushes and encourages me mentally and physically to be a better, faster  and healthier athlete. 


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Richard W. - I have worked with Jose for just over a year now to help eliminate work  related body stress and muscle injury.  Most recently I had a case of  frozen shoulder which limited the range of motion in my neck and left  arm.  Dressing was painful.  I had to limit shoulder exercises in the  gym, and I was unable to participate in activities that required the use  of upper body strength.  After consulting with an orthopedic specialist  who confirm there was no damage to my rotator cuff that would require  surgery I began physical therapy and incorporated therapeutic massages  with Jose.  With every visit he did a brief consultation to asses how I  felt physically and what areas I wanted to focus on.  Once on the table  he evaluates the areas thoroughly and begins a plan of action.  He has a  great way of seeking out the knotted muscle tissue and focuses on that  area with a combination of techniques until the knot is completely  eliminated.  He would ask questions about my physical therapy and make  recommendations on ways to improve my personal workouts and eliminate  undue stress on my recovering shoulder.  I have recovered 100% with a  full range of motion in my neck and arm.  I can exercise and participate  in physical activities with no pain.  I still visit Jose regularly to  eliminate the work stress I carry in my back.  What every pain I have  when I walk into his office is long gone and forgotten when I leave.  

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Todd Smith, Ironman World Championship Finisher - Recovery is an area that most athletes seem to sweep under the rug. Not  only does Jose understand the importance of recovery and repair, his  techniques are far superior to anything i've encountered in my 13 years  in multisport. His keen ability to find the issues within his clients  quickly and then having the awareness to solve them, will keep me coming  back for years to come. His sessions have ultimatley become a  springboard to greater fitness gains for myself and has been a crucial  part to my success as an athlete 

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 Carsen Casica, Personal Trainer - Hey José,
I wanted to thank you for your excellent service. Prior  to our first sports massage I was not a big fan of massages and would  rather just use a foam roller. After trying it out I have found that it  really interests me and is also extremely beneficial. I plan to get  massages monthly now to keep my body feeling healthy and avoiding  injuries. You provide phenomenal service and I greatly appreciate and  admire your hard work. 
Thank you, 


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Erin Mendoza, Ironman WI Finisher - Six months into training for my first Ironman (Wisconsin 2009), I was  diagnosed with tendonitis in my hip. Taking time off to rest at that  point was not an option. Fortunately I found Jose. In addition to  physical therapy, I saw Jose regularly. His massage work contributed  significantly to my ability to train through the injury and ultimately  have a successful race day. He took time to explain the anatomy involved  and suggested stretching and strengthening exercises.  He also  addressed other overuse injuries that arose during the course of my  training and prevented them from becoming big problems. In addition to  his great massage work, he could relate to what I was going through,  both physically and emotionally, and his positive attitude helped me  stay positive when times were rough.
Jose's first hand experience as  an Ironman, marathoner, martial artist and personal trainer is  invaluable and a unique find in a massage therapist. I would highly  recommend Jose for injured athletes or anyone looking to keep aches and  pains away. 

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Kathleen Sheppe, Student - I initially decided to start getting massages to see if it would help to  reduce my tension headaches. The first few weeks Jose was very  concerned with the scar tissue and muscle tightness in my neck. After  continuing to receive massages my headaches decreased and I was  experiencing higher quality of life on a day to day basis due to the  relaxation in my neck and back. I'm so pleased with the progress that  Jose and I have made and I love returning each week. The massages are  truly a highlight in my schedule- they are relaxing and a pleasant  conversation time. I feel appreciated and cared for with Body Peace.  Jose will check up on me throughout the week to make sure I am feeling  okay and he is very understanding when I have scheduling difficulties;  he is always willing and able to fit me in! 

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Peggy Burke, Triathlete - I highly recommend the work of Body Peace! I started participating in  sprint triathlons in 2006. Along the way, I have had the occasional  injuries and ailments that have kept me from performing at my best. In  those moments, I turned to Jose Aguilar and Body Peace. Whether I needed  immediate pain relief and or just needed to prepare my body for the  next event. Jose’s work was amazing; he paid attention to my needs and  used his knowledge and skills to get me to my peak performance. I know  that I am in good hands with Jose Aguilar and Body Peace – and you will  be too!